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Space Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Space Cookies Strain: An Introduction

What’s better than a delicious cookie and a nice tall glass of milk? Cookies from space! No, not literally, but once you try the Space Cookies weed strain, you’ll think that’s where you are.

Space Cookies is an Indica Strain (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) with an average THC of 20% and a range of 18-22%.  Its CBD average is 0.1%,

This cannabis strain has origins from around the world, with roots being able to be traced back to the Middle East, India, Africa, and even South America.

Space Cookies weed is what you get when you cross the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSCwith the Afghani strain.  Good thing this breeding occurred, or we would have not gotten popular offshoots such as Purple Space Cookies.

The Space Cookies strain comes from strong genetics.  The Girl Scout Cookies strain (Durban Poison x OG Kush) is a hybrid strain (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) with a whopping 26% average THC.  That’s impressive by any standard! This is why GSC has been able to capture multiple Cannabis Cup wins.

Space Cookies other parents, Afghani (Northern Lights x Blueberry), is a 100% Indica strain with a THC range of between 16-20%.

Space Cookies Strain: Appearance

If you are looking for a beautiful looking bud, look no further! Space Cookies weed have dark buds with a strong purple wave throughout the buds.  The purple hues were sure to be passed on by the Girl Scout Cookies weed. What the Space Cookies strain inherited from its Afghani parent is its indica-styled medium to small tightly packed dense buds.

Space Cookies Strain: Scent

Earthy and sweet are what you smell when opening the bag of fresh buds.  Space Cookies can thank its parents for that. However, the Space Cookies strain tends to have a more piney smell.

Space Cookies Strain: Taste

The flavor profile of Space Cookies resembles its Afghani parent strain with hints of pine and a sweet taste.  In addition, this strain offers up a more earthy flavor experience that’ll surely treat your taste buds!

Space Cookies Strain: Positive Effects

The most commonly reported effects users experience are a high level of relaxation and euphoria. Users also regularly experience an increased sense of happiness and creativity.  Some consumers even report bouts of hunger and sleepiness.

Space Cookies Strain: Medical Benefits

Space Cookies weed is a favorite of many medical marijuana patients because of the wide range of medical benefits this strain offers.  The most common uses are to treat depression and anxiety. Aches and pains can effectively be wiped away a well. Other patients likely to use this cannabis strain are people who suffer from ADD/ADHD, insomnia, and appetite loss.

Space Cookies Strain: Side Effects

This cannabis strains high couch-locking properties makes for a lazy evening.

Make sure you have something to drink handy because Space Cookies weed will leave your mouth and eyes really dry.  Proper hydration is keeping to ensure for the most pleasant experience as possible.

As with all cannabis strain, moderation is your friend! Know your limits and go at your own pace.

Space Cookies Strain: Grow Information

Great for all growers, new and old, the Space Cookies strain is said to be an easy cannabis strain to grow.  Indoors, you can expect medium plants with medium yields after a 9-week flowering period. Outdoors, you can expect a medium-sized plant with a higher yield ready for harvest around the middle of October.

Space Cookies Strain: In Conclusion

Strap in and get ready for launch, Space Cookies weed is going to take you out of this world! If you are a fan of purple weed, this is a must-try cannabis strain for you!

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4 reviews for Space Cookies Cannabis Strain

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